What some people have said about ANCESTRAL WATER:

"Your band was rehersed, sounded and looked great.  Your choice of repertoire and song writing themes showed a lot of thought and contained all the best elements of the immigrant experience. "
Jim Ocean...musician, recording artist & promoter of Market & Music Series, Concord

"Jack...just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your record....the instrumentals are great, the stories and songs superb...congrats.  It is a great gift for you to give your family. There's an old Celtic saying "what's been handed down, can't be given back"....you were given the gift and now you have handed it down..way to go."
Tim Flannery...musician, recording artist & 3rd Base Coach, World Champion San Francisco Giants

  “I listened to ANCESTRAL WATER on CD Baby. Top notch brother man!”                                                                               
Steve Sageprofessional musician, guitar teacher and legendary instructor at Diablo Valley College.

“Having known Jack and his family for most of my life, I was intrigued to hear someone put their family ancestry and history into a modern, acoustic bluegrass-type setting and make it musical, interesting, and above all, listenable.  A brave endeavor, to say the least.  Some of the period sounding pieces put you back in time....and into my neighbor's family history with thought and purpose.  Well Done!”       
Chuck Kavoorasguitarist with Sugar Ray and the CK Allstars

“Ancestral Water runs deep!  The music is heartfelt, lifts up your spirit, and connects you to the whole family.  Not just Jack's whole family, but the realization of all of our connections.  I am grateful to have this CD in my collection of fine art.”      Merrill Collins Chausseblanchemusician, composer, pianist

  “Jack...you can feel the history here. Nice work throughout the production. It had me glued to the player!!! “               
Don Haysprofessional musician, lead guitarist with The Michael Paul Band

  “Ancestral Water is the perfect group to play at any Festival.  Their music is a crowd pleaser with all age groups.  They are professional and easy to work with.  I welcome them back anytime.”     
Laura FieldingEntertainment Director for Walnut Festival and Walnut Creek’s Art on the Main

“Your CD tells a great story with mostly acoustic instruments that ring and resonate in an original style that is great “Irish-American” roots music-based.   I will enjoy revisiting this recording for a long time.”                                                                  
Dave Zimmerformer editor of BAM Magazine and authorized biographer of Crosby, Stills & Nash.

“Liked your CD.  I’ll give you a “B” for the original songs and an “A” for the instrumentals; they had that soundtrack feel.”         Chris Webermusician, acoustic guitar player on Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks

“Jack O's extraordinary vision fuels this beautifully crafted work. It is as it should be:  Bard and musician combined to pass along the rich tapestry of our unique history.”         
Dick Weyand...musician and recording studio owner; former recording artist for Fantasy Records

  “We really enjoyed it.  Great story and great tunes.  Sent it over to my brother to check out.  You have created something very special for your family.  No one can ever take that from you.”
Jack Kingformer drummer with The Steve Miller Band

Ancestral Water Band at Walnut Festival 2010.